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May 10, 08:14 – 08:20 Holiday Inn Express, Broomfield. Trash Dump #2

8:14 am – Barry’s phone was at the Holiday Inn Express, 11401 Via Varra, Broomfield, CO.
8:20 am BM parks on south side of HIE away from cameras, throws things in trash – Drop #2

Barry was shown a satellite image of the south side of hotel where his truck parked. Barry said he remembers why he was there. Barry said he was just waiting for someone to come out of the door and go in and get a free breakfast. (Agents labeled this as Trash Run #2)


Preliminary Hearing:

Q Lindsey: There’s a remote there. If you could point out for the court where the trash receptacle is.

A Grusing: Right there. The truck telematics, they were actually more detailed and more accurate we found than even the phone telematics. So it would have his vehicle parked about right here.

Q Lindsey: Were you able to trace Mr. Morphew with the phone and the telematics?

A Grusing: Again, yes.

Q Lindsey: What were you able to find out?

A Grusing: I was able to find that he parked on the south side of the hotel at the Holiday Inn Express and passenger doors again opened and closed a couple of times before he actually checked into the hotel.

Q Lindsey: You have an image in this stack of exhibits, 29. Do you see that in front of you?

A Grusing: I do.

Q Lindsey: What is that?

A Grusing: That side of the hotel and it has a yellow GPS pinpoint where the four telematics were hitting for that time period. And it was about 8:12 am to almost 8:20 am.

Q Lindsey: Did you ask Mr. Morphew if he actually parked there?

A Grusing: I did

Q Lindsey: What did he say?

A Grusing: He said he parked there because he hoped someone would come out and he could go in the hotel before checking in and get a free breakfast.

Q Lindsey: What activity happened at this hotel?

A Grusing: So we don’t know what happened here because video was not collected on the south side, so we could not see what he was doing. Video was collected on basically all the other sides of the hotel but not this one.

Q Lindsey: Was there anything that happened in relation to a second trash run?

A Grusing: This was what we refer to as Trash Run #2 because there is a trash can here and based upon the passenger door opening and closing and the activity he just had at RTD we thought this was another trash run.

Q Lindsey: Mr. Morphew confirmed that in interviews.

A Grusing: He said he could not recall if he threw stuff away what it would be

Q Lindsey: But he does recall throwing stuff away?

A Grusing: Yes.

Q Lindsey: Eventually did you get the video of the hotel and try and determine how those matched Mr. Morphew’s phone?

A Grusing: Yes, I did.

Q Lindsey: And what was the variance between the video of the hotel and Mr. Morphew’s phone?

A Grusing: The video was about 51 minutes fast.

Q Lindsey: What time did Mr. Morphew enter the hotel?

A Grusing: I have him driving around front at about 8:25 and the door’s opening. So then he comes in. Again, we were having to go back and forth with the video, but we have him walking in at about 8:25 and actually then taking another trip to his room at 8:38.


May 10 2020


8:10 AM - 8:20 AM
Holiday Inn Express Broomfield


Holiday Inn Express Broomfield
11401 Via Varra, Broomfield, CO 80020
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