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May 10, 08:46 – Barry carries items into the Holiday Inn Express

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8:46 am – Barry entered the hotel carrying two white trash bags, a khaki backpack, a pair of boots, a dark-colored item, and a piece of clothing with blue-teal coloring.

Barry stated, after multiple assertions that he did not recall what “junk” he threw away, that he might have thrown away an old pair of boots that had been in the back of his truck. After CBI told him multiple times that he threw away more than boots, he stated, “If there’s clothes in my truck, there was probably old clothes I threw away.”

Barry was shown photos from video surveillance (pictured below) of him carrying things including boots into the hotel. Barry said he doesn’t even remember carrying the boots into the hotel. Then Barry said he remembered that he took them into the hotel to take the laces out. Barry said the boots had holes in them, but he wanted to save the laces, so he took them in to take the laces out. Barry was asked about the blue item he was holding, and he said it looked like his swimsuit and asked if they got it from his truck. Barry was asked by Agents if he remembers what was in the bag. Barry said it was probably his mail. Barry was asked about changing his shirts that day and he said he did so because it was hot.

Barry carrying evidence, Suzanne in her biking clothes, Barry’s swim trunks.


May 10 2020


8:45 AM - 8:50 AM
Holiday Inn Express Broomfield


Holiday Inn Express Broomfield
11401 Via Varra, Broomfield, CO 80020
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