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May 10, 10:20 – 10:41 – McDonald’s – Trash Dump #3


At 10:20 AM, the location of Barry’s phone was near the lot of McDonald’s, 625 Interlocken Blvd., Broomfield, CO. At 10:22 AM, the driver door of the F-350 opened in the rear parking space of the same McDonald’s lot. (Truck telematics)

Barry is seen on video, provided to CBI from the 1st National Bank, 615 Interlocken Blvd., located adjacent to the McDonald’s lot. He is carrying unknown items in his hands and placing items into two separate trash cans located on the edge of the McDonald’s lot between 10:19 AM and 10:41 AM. (Per CBI, no time stamps)

From the bank video, Barry exited the truck, walked to a trash can while he held an unknown, smaller object in his left hand and possibly his right hand. He placed something in the can, extended his right arm downward into the can and walked back to the open driver’s door.

Barry was oriented towards the inside of the driver’s door and the driver’s side floor for the next few frames; he walked to the same trash can, possibly with an item in his right hand, extended his right arm into the can, then placed both hands and arms into the can.

Five ATM camera images of Barry shoving items into different McDonald's trash cans.

Barry returned to the truck, oriented to the inner portion of the driver’s side door. After a few frames, he turned with his hands together and walked to a trash can across the lot. He returned to his truck and drove away.43

Barry stated that he was at the job site at “ten o-clockish.” He added, “It was just hotel and job, back and forth.” Barry stated he drove to a McDonalds near the jobsite and cleaned his windshield. He then went back to the hotel room. He stayed in the room for about one hour and possibly watched television. Barry then returned to the jobsite.

Barry stated, in response to the question if he ate that day, “I kinda looked for something to eat.” He said that he always keeps granola bars in my truck. He said, “I saw a McDonald’s, pulled in there. I don’t like crap food, so I thought, I’m not gonna eat here.” He added, “So I just ended up eating granola bars.”

Regarding Sunday morning, Barry stated, “I think was getting hungry, I think went to a McDonald’s that was close, and I think when I was there, I think I decided against McDonald’s, but I never eat there, and because of COVID, so I think I went around the corner to a gas station and got a granola bar.”

Barry stated (regarding Sunday), “I went in, got the hotel room, relaxed for a little bit. Went to the job site and seen it,” then added, “pulled several blocks off and left it.”

Barry stated, “And that’s (McDonald’s) the only places that I remember going.” He adds, “I did nothing else, besides went to the job site and went to the hotel.”

(Discussion of Exhibit 10)

SA Grusing asked Barry to review a series of twenty photos of him walking to the McDonald’s trash can. The first few photos depicted him carrying a small item in his hand.

Barry said, “I know that I had a bunch of crap in my truck from cleaning off my work bench. And I do know that one of them was an old pair of boots that was ripped. And the other stuff, I just don’t … ” SA Grusing said Barry had a small item in his hand and used one arm to push it down, then both to push it further down as Barry was shown the photos.

Barry said, “Yeah, yeah,” then, “The trash was heaping to the top, that’s why. (UI) just sittin’ in there.”

SA Grusing asked if the photos helped Barry recall what the item was and he said, “No, I mean it was just probably trash in the (UI).”

SA Grusing showed Barry he pushed the trash to the extent his shoulder was in the trash can.

Barry said, “Yeah, I don’t even recall that, but.”

SA Grusing said Barry returned to the truck, grabbed another item and walked it back to the trash can. Barry said, “Yeah.” Barry was told anything he could remember helps the investigation, that these appear to be two small items he disposed.

Barry said, “Yeah, I wouldn’t. I couldn’t tell you what that was.”

Regarding the photo of Barry pushing the trash to the bottom of the McDonald’s trash can, he said the photo makes it look like he was disposing of evidence. He “could not recall” what items he threw away.



May 10 2020


10:20 AM - 10:45 AM


625 Interlocken Blvd., Broomfield, CO
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