Home Timeline of Events September – November 2019 – Barry aggressively pursues Karry Woodell around Salida.

September – November 2019 – Barry aggressively pursues Karry Woodell around Salida.

November 2019

BM aggressively pursues Karry Wooddell at the gym. Makes KW very uncomfortable.

Wooddell met Barry in September 2019 during her morning workouts at the gym. She did not know that Barry was married to Suzanne until she saw him sign in on the register one morning. When she saw his name, everything that Suzanne told Wooddell about the problems with her husband “clicked” in Wooddell’s mind. Barry was alone during his morning workouts; he watched Wooddell in the gym to the point of making her uncomfortable. She perceived him as a predator with a huge ego. Barry’s truck caught her attention because of its size, noise and firefighter plates. Barry was not always working as hard as Suzanne stated, because he was in the gym about four times a week.

Once, Wooddell was working out in the afternoon and she saw Barry walk up to the second floor of the gym. He looked all around the gym until he saw Wooddell. After a while, she walked up to the second floor and he said, “Hi. I’m Barry Morphew. Have a good workout.” Wooddell thought her “Dead Men Tell No Tales” T-shirt might have attracted him. She told Barry, “Your wife is a wonderful person.”

While Wooddell and a friend, Connie, who is an active member of Grace Church, were eating in the corner patio area of the Boat House restaurant in November 2019, Barry and REDACTED Morphew sat down a few tables over. He glanced over at Wooddell multiple times, making her uncomfortable. Barry approached her, stretched his back and said words to the effect of, “I’m so happy to see you out tonight. My back is hurting. I’d like to schedule an appointment.” Wooddell did not want to give Barry her phone number or give him a massage, so she told him that she did not have her phone with her, and he should schedule through his wife. Wooddell told Agents that she wondered how many other women Barry pursued who did not steer him to talk with his wife.

Wooddell felt Suzanne’s request to talk a few days later occurred because Barry has a huge ego, felt rejected by Wooddell and he likely “bashed” her to Suzanne. From the first time Wooddell met Barry, she said it felt like “he was putting his tentacles out.”



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