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May 09, 13:46 – Barry and the backhoe

13:46 pm – BM texts Klco: “Are you around to look at backhoe?”

13:49:29 pm Klco to BM: “No but you can drive by and have a look 58 Jones Ave.”

13:50:19 pm BM to Klco: “Ok will do. I’ll call to discuss.”  BM did not follow up.


Barry’s phone exchanged two messages with “Tim Backhoe” at 1:49 PM and 1:50PM. Barry also made an outgoing call to Suzanne for two seconds at 1:51 PM (his tenth of eleven consecutive calls to Suzanne).

SA Grusing said Barry called “Tim Backhoe” and Barry said, “Backhoe attachment for the bobcat. And I looked at that. I don’t know if it was that day, or what.”

SA Grusing told Barry he drove to where the backhoe attachment was, and Barry interjected, “Looked at it.” Barry said, “Well, I didn’t like it. I looked at it and didn’t like it. Yeah, I called him and told him I wasn’t interested.” Barry eventually said he wasn’t interested because of the price.

(Tim Klco)

On July 27, 2020, SA Grusing interviewed Tim Klco at his place of business, 58 Jones Avenue, Salida, CO. Klco stated that Dan Thomas, a developer friend of his, told him in September 2019 that if Klco was looking to sell his backhoe attachment for a skid steer, Barry Morphew might buy it. Thomas gave Klco the cell phone number for Barry and Klco traded texts with Barry around September and October 2019. Barry told Klco he was interested in buying the backhoe attachment for the asking price of $5,000 but Barry never met with Klco to complete the deal.

On Saturday, May 9, 2020, Barry again reached out to Klco and said he was interested in buying the backhoe. Klco traded texts and calls with Barry that day and Barry asked via text at 1:46 PM, “Are you around to look at backhoe?” Klco replied at 1:49:29 PM, “No but you can drive by and have a look 58 Jones Ave.” Klco does not know if Barry drove by the lot because his surveillance cameras were not functional. Barry sent Klco a text at 1:50:19 PM, “Ok will do. I’ll call to discuss,” but Barry never called and Klco did not further pursue him. Klco only found out that Barry was the husband of Suzanne Morphew after the case gained publicity.

Klco explained that the backhoe attachment could easily be used to dig a deep hole or trench in a very short amount of time. (In March and April 2021, FBI Agents asked Barry about why he needed a backhoe that particular time and day. FBI Agents learned that before Barry left Indiana in 2018, he used a backhoe to dig a large hole in his front yard, fill it with items to include furniture, and cover it over, planting alfalfa on top. Barry also dug holes to hide large sums of money in Indiana, per his associates and own admissions.)


May 09 2020


1:45 PM - 1:50 PM


Diesslin Structures Inc.
7625 W Hwy 50, Salida, CO 81201
Barry's Truck

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Barry's Truck
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