Home Timeline of Events May 09, 13:51 – 14:13 – Barry at DSI, replacing Bobcat blade

May 09, 13:51 – 14:13 – Barry at DSI, replacing Bobcat blade

13:51 pm Barry is seen on camera “pulling his bobcat into DSI. He was wearing a blue t-shirt and khaki shorts.” (LS).  The same khaki shorts recovered from the dryer with the needle sheath.

13:55 pm BM at DSI
14:00 pm BM getting blade replaced on Bobcat

He added, “I think I sat out there with her. I don’t know if that’s when I did the chipmunks or, when the, did the chipmunks before I went to Crib, I don’t recall (unintelligible- UI).”76

SA Grusing said because of Barry’s phone activity, the chipmunks would have occurred after the Crib trip.

Regarding Saturday, Barry stated, “We sat out in the sun. She was sunning and wanted me to sit out with her … I know we went to Fooses. And I can’t remember exactly if it was Saturday, but I’m thinking it was Saturday, we took a walk up around Fooses, and come back and she read. I tinkered around outside and did things outside until supper and grilled steaks.”

Barry stated, “If l went to DSI, it wasn’t in the afternoon,” and, “I could’ve ran back to Crib and had him put the blade on.”

SA Grusing asked if Barry came home Saturday and went for the hike or bike ride. Barry said, “When I came home, we did lunch, then.” SA Grusing asked if that was veggie soup, and Barry replied, “Yeah, yeah, lunch.” SA Grusing asked if they hiked after lunch.

Barry said, “I don’t recall. Because I don’t even recall taking my bobcat back to Crib.”

SA Harris confirmed Barry texted Crib that he was at the house and needed a few minutes.

Barry said, “Ok, yeah, and I don’t, I don’t know why. I’ve got a great memory. I don’t know why I don’t recall that.”

SA Grusing said Agents were trying to fill in – and Barry interjected with, “I wanna help you guys, I wanna help you guys get this clarified. For your sakes. And for my sake. I, to this day, don’t even remember taking my bobcat to town to Crib to do that Saturday. I don’t know why that is gone from my memory, but I just don’t recall it.”

SA Grusing asks about the pin on the bobcat. Barry points to a pin on the back right arm of the bobcat and says that he didn’t even realize that the nut has come off of a bolt that is there. Barry states that when the bobcat arm goes up and down the pin works its way out one way or the other and he just has to beat it back in to place, because it holds the cylinder in place. SA Grusing asks if Barry can do that on his own and doesn’t need help. Barry confirms that he can. Barry starts talking about the cutting blade of the bobcat and walks around to show agents as he describes how it has a cutting edge on both sides and can be flipped and that when Crib had to replace his blade, it had already been flipped and both edges were worn out. Barry said he thinks that Trent had that blade and gave it to CBI.

  • At 2 p.m. #BarryMorphew was getting his blade replaced on his bobcat. on Saturday, May 9. Aug 10, 2021 LS/PH
  • Neilsen is going over the truck and cell phone data again on May 9. At 1:55 p.m. door opens at DSI and there is surveillance video as well. Aug 10, 2021 LS?PH
  • At 2:32 p.m. #BarryMorphew is seen in his truck on surveillance passing the Shell Gas Station which is east of Salida Spa and Stove. The truck wasn’t seen again until 5:14 a.m. heading east. Aug 23, 2021 LS/PH
  • On 1:51 p.m. on May 9, 2020 the photo shows #BarryMorphew pulling his bobcat into DSI. He was wearing a blue t-shirt and khaki shorts. Aug 23, 2021 LS/PH
  • Exhibit 88-92: Surveillance photos from Highway 50 at a Shell Gas Station, Salida Auto Sales, and home near DSI. Aug 23, 2021 LS/PH


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