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May 08, 10:55 Barry: “I Love You, Suzanne.”

10:Consecutive55 am – After multiple exchanged phone calls between them, Barry texted Suzanne: “I Love You, Suzanne.”

Barry said, “She never talked Saturday, to me, about leaving. I mean is, did you find communication between her and I Saturday about that? Because to me Saturday was a good day. We had a good evening together. Saturday- Friday we had an argument on the phone. Friday, I’m sure you’ve seen that.”

Regarding Friday morning, May 8, 2020, Barry stated, “That we had our text argument, I don’t even remember what it was about. She was in one of her moods.” (Barry Interview- June 3rd)
“Regarding Friday, May 8th, Barry stated, “But, in the afternoon, it (the text fight) was like it never happened. She texted me back and it was just like, ‘Hey, what time are you coming home? Hey, this or that. Just pick this up or pick that up.’”

Barry stated, “I just can’t remember any specifics” (when informed by CBI about the long phone call on May 8th), adding, “To be honest, I just can’t remember us talking on the phone.” (Barry Interview- July 8th)

      • Multiple calls between #SuzanneMorphew and #BarryMorphew were sent back and forth to each other Friday morning. At 10:55 am Barry sent a text, “I love you Suzanne.” Aug 10, 2021 LS/PH


May 08 2020


10:55 AM - 10:55 AM
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