Home Timeline of Events September 2019 – Barry stalks Suzanne and Shelia Oliver, creeping through woods.

September 2019 – Barry stalks Suzanne and Shelia Oliver, creeping through woods.

Sheila told FBI Agents in 2021 that Barry called her in the summer of 2019 when Suzanne was in Michigan, asking why Suzanne was not returning his calls, he stalked Suzanne and Sheila at the Puma Path house in September 2019 to see what Suzanne was up to – sneaking through the woods, and of earlier accounts in Indiana when Barry suspected Suzanne may have had a boyfriend before they got married.

SA Grusing introduced the first page, containing a photo of the surroundings of Barry’s house and titled, “Sheila’s visit in 2019.” When asked what was going on, Barry laughed and stated, “And I told Suzanne this and I don’t know what she told Sheila, but I was in Arizona hunting and I had been camping for seven days, smelled like crap, looked like crap. I thought they were out in town eatin ‘, and I just wanted to make sure they weren’t in the house, and I just wanted to get in there and take a shower. And I looked and it didn’t seem like anybody was there. Just went back and I went up on the hill and I looked, I didn’t see anything. And they were in there and I guess they called the Cushmans, and then Pete comes flyin’ out with his pistol.”

Barry continued, “I smelled like freaking crap and looked like crap,” and he wanted to see if they were in the house. SA Harris asked if Barry pulled his vehicle into the driveway and he said, “No, I pulled into urn, uh, Betty’s drive over here. In the cul-de-sac,” as he pointed towards the top of the page.

SA Grusing asked why he parked away from his house and Barry said, “Just because I wanted to see if they were there.” He said he could shower somewhere else if he needed to, but, “I haven’t seen my wife in seven days, I’m gonna shower. I didn’t want Sheila to see me like this. That’s all I was doing.”

SA Grusing said Agents were wondering if Barry suspected Suzanne was at the house with her lover. Barry replied, “No, I knew Sheila was there.” When SA Grusing repeated, “You knew Sheila was there,” he said, “Absolutely, yeah, absolutely.” (See Attachment 2)

PH SA Harris: Yeah. Barry was away hunting in New Mexico or Arizona, and Sheila and Suzanne and Macy I believe – I don’t know if Mallory was there — were at the house they saw headlights come up – their neighborhood is fairly secluded. So they saw headlights coming up to the house.
They turned off short of the Morphew’s driveway and then they thought they saw somebody walking in and coming through the driveway and up into the woods like they were looking into the house. So they were trying to determine what was going on they called Pete Cushman, one of the neighbors. He went out and looked around, didn’t find anything. Then they still thought they saw something so they ended up calling 9-1-1. And Suzanne spoke with the 9-1-1 dispatcher and during the course of the 9-1-1 call they figured out that it was – the headlights come back on and it comes into the driveway, and it was Barry in his truck coming into the neighborhood.


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