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Suzanne in her helmet

May 10, 04:32 – 05:14 – Chasing Elk, or Staging Evidence?

Barry goes left towards Garfield (near where Suzanne’s helmet was found) instead of right toward Poncha Springs and Denver. Barry turned around at Garfield to resume his drive to Broomfield.

Barry’s phone entered Airplane Mode at 4:32AM and he altered his numerous prior accounts to law enforcement to match phone and truck evidence when speaking to FBI Agents in April 2021. Barry said he turned left on Highway 50 when leaving his house, the opposite direction of heading to Broomfield, because he saw a bull elk crossing the road. Barry eventually pointed to an area on a Google map that indicated he turned his truck around at an exit in Garfield, Colorado, about five miles in the opposite direction of his trip.

Investigators have driven from the intersection of Highway 225 and Highway 50 to Garfield, a distance of 2.73 miles, an impossible distance to see an elk at or around 4:32AM and follow it in a short period of time. Barry had about 30 minutes to head that way, tum around and head back towards Highway 285. Barry’s truck was seen passing video surveillance on Highway 50 right near the junction with Highway 285 and then again just north on Highway 285 at around 5:14 and 5:16AM.


(Barry Morphew Interview – March 1, 2021)

[In this interview, Barry again significantly altered his prior statements to adjust to evidence presented to him . He said he turned left on Highway 50 as he left the house on May 10th to see where elk were going, which put him in the direction of Suzanne’s helmet. The admission to SA Harris was the first time Barry admitted to turning left on Highway 50, away from the Broomfield route. This accounts for the missing mileage from his return to trip home from the Broomfield hotel – Barry’s odometer registered a 183-mile trip to the hotel that morning, including about 2 miles of deviations, and a 167-mile trip on the same route home- for an approximate 14 extra miles.]

SA Harris explained to Barry that sometimes questions shed light on things and helps investigators know where not to look for Suzanne as well. SA Harris states there are things about his truck we are wondering and asks Barry when he left for Broomfield, did he turn right or left on to Hwy 50?

Barry said, “Yeah, there was a herd of elk in the road and there was one bull and he was a nice bull. And they all went up the gulley there, where that old washed-out road is and they went up there. And I’m like, ‘Oh, I want to see how big this bull is.’ And I turned down there, and and, they crossed right in front of me and then I went down to the Garfield turn around and then went to Broomsfield.”

SA Grusing asked what Garfield is.

Barry said, “It’s a little town before the ski town. Little ski town.”

SA Grusing asked if it was before Monarch.

Barry said, “Yeah. I turned around right there.”

SA Grusing explained that Agents have checked and hadn’t seen Barry or others go past the Monarch camera.

Barry said, “Yeah, I didn’t. I turned around there. I turned, I, I went that way because I saw those elk. They were in road right there, before I got up to 50. And I let ’em cross and then there was one good bull in there and I like, ‘Man.’ And I just missed seeing how good he was. Yeah know, I’m a hunter and I just wanted to see him and I just turned that way to look at him. That’s, yeah, that’s, that’s the only thing and when I went to Broomsfield, I told Joe and Derek everywhere I stopped. I had crap blowing out of the truck, I pull over at one spot, got my truck situated, went off … ”

Barry’s trip to Garfield adds an approximate five miles each way to his morning trip, and places Barry and his vehicle in the direction the helmet was discarded – west from the bicycle.

(Barry Morphew Interview – March 5, 2021 – Part 2)

SA Grusing asked Barry about accounting for mileage when he saw the bull elk, whether he climbed or how he turned around. Barry said, “No, I just turned around.” When asked where, Barry stated, “Garfield, probably the first place that I could tum left in, I just- I didn’t go in and then turn around. I just backed in and went straight to Broomsfield.”

Barry said, “And I had no idea, and I shoulda told that to Joe,” then SA Grusing interjected and said Joe did not know that back then.

Barry said, “Yeah, but I didn’t, I didn’t keep it from him, it just didn’t come in my head.”

Barry was shown a map printout of Hwy 50 near the Garfield area west of his Puma Path house and asked about where he turned around at Garfield when he left his house. He asks where his road is and is told that it is off the map. Barry said, “I can’t tell you exactly where I turned around, but it was probably the first road or drive going into Garfield.”

Barry said the reason he was watching where the elk go is because he hunts sheds and that while the bull didn’t have its horns, it was a big bull and he figured that Barry could get its pattern then he could follow that pattern and find his horns.

Barry talks about the county road where the helmet was found and said he was pretty sure he went past that one, because he was stilling looking at the herd.

[As Barry discussed watching the herd and its patterns and where he turned around, he was motioning several times back and forth with the pen from the road to the location of Garfield mine on the map.]

(Barry Morphew Interview – March 10, 2021 Part 2)

SA Grusing asked Barry if, after he looked at the bull elk, he continued past the exit to 285 to Denver or continued on Highway 50 into town. Barry said, “No, I went straight there.” When asked how long he watched the bull elk and if it was walking along the highway, Barry said, “No, they crossed. I was trying to see where they were going up the mountain because that’s where I was gonna look for his horns because they do the same things, they’re gonna drop their horns in the same pattern.”

He added, “They had already crossed. They were in the road when I stopped in the road before I got to fifty, they were in the road, crossing, and then they cross the road, and by the time I get up there, they’re already cross in’ the mountain. I mean, I don’t stop on fifty, I keep going. I’m just watchin’ to see where they’re going. I get to Garfield, tum around, go right to 285.” 66

Barry continued, “And the thing about it is, if I had anything to do with this at all, there would be, there would be evidence of me and my truck doing something with her between Salida and Broomsfield.”67

Barry added, “Andy–, if l, if, I had her, and took her to Broomsfield, and disposed of her somewhere between there, you guys would see that with my computer. You see where I stop. I told Joe every stop I made. And I know for a fact it, it had to line up with my computer. If you guys are that good at forensics, it had to line up.”

SA Grusing told Barry that Agents could not see every location point when he was in the mountains which is why the bull elk story made sense. Barry said, “Yeah, (cleared his throat), I know that you had my truck- for several days. I know that you had my house. I know that you had her car. And there’s just no possible way that you found any evidence in any of that ’cause it doesn’t exist.”

(Discussion of Exhibit 12)

SA Harris reviewed Barry’s left turn from 225 to see the bull elk on Sunday morning, looking for the future shed, asking if he had to go up in elevation.

Barry said, ”No. I was just seeing their route. I just wanted to know- cause they usually take the same route, so, if a herd of elk is gonna go up across the road at a certain place and go up there, then that’s where I’m gonna go look for their sheds.”

SA Grusing asked if Barry saw them and continued to look for their route as he went along.

He said, “No. I just wanted to see the direction because Colorado Trail is right off that parking lot, and it’s pretty flat all through there, and it doesn’t start going up ’til you get up to the railroad tracks. So, you can, you can pick ’em and see them through the trees, wherever they’re, where they’re going.”

Barry was asked if he was in a rush to get to Broomfield and the elk distracted him.

He said, “There was no rush to get there. I’m just an early riser and an early go-getter and usually if an animal gets in my interests, I’m gonna take advantage of it. That’s it. But I just went down, I watched where they went, turned around and went right to Broomfield.”

(Barry Morphew Interview – April 22, 2021)

SA Grusing clarifies that Suzanne was not with him when he took the left turn to look at the bull elk. Barry said, “No, no. Absolutely not. One hundred percent no.”

SA Grusing asks if Barry had the helmet with him when he went to see the bull elk. Barry said, “Absolutely not. Absolutely not.”

SA Grusing explains that is the direction the helmet was found. Barry said, “No. Absolutely not.” SA Grusing said that he has to ask those questions. Barry said, “I understand.”

SA Harris asks Barry about the timing of when he left because he is saying five, but he had looked at earlier times on the sheet he was shown and that we are trying to make sense of marks in time. Barry interrupted and said, “And I don’t know, I, I don’t know exactly the time, I just know it was around five o’clock. But I don’t know exactly.”

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