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May 09, 11:55 – Dead Turkey Hunt or Barry Takes Down His Trail Cameras

11:30 am Veggie soup at home with SM, according to Barry.
11:50 am-12:50 pm BM cell pings several times near river, areas around house. BM said looking for turkey that daughter shot some time before. FBI says removing his game cameras and placing them in the safe in the garage.

Enhanced image from the AA

Barry was shown Google maps of his residence and his phone activity on Saturday, May 9th, when he arrived home between 11:30 AM and left at 1:38 PM. When shown location points that his truck may not have pulled in the driveway and he appeared to be coming up through the woods on foot to his house, Barry said he might have been looking at turkeys.

Barry was shown a second map, below (above), of his movements from 11 :52 AM to 12:31 PM, when he appeared to head east of his property, during the time he was supposedly having ‘”veggie soup” with Suzanne. Barry said he was looking for a turkey that REDACTED had shot previously with a bow, but they had never found.

Barry was shown a third map where it looked like he was on foot, heading back to his truck, before he left at 1:38 PM and called Suzanne at 1:47 PM and 1:49 PM. Barry said it made sense that he did not talk to Suzanne much during that lunch hour as a reason for him calling her twice when he got to Highway 50.

On May 9, #BarryMorphews phone is pinged near the river behind his home. Investigators asked why this was, his response was, “I was looking for a turkey that Mallory had shot some time ago.” 11:50 a.m. – 12:50 a.m. Aug 10, 2021 LS/PH

#BarryMorphew left the home around 1:38 p.m. #suzannemorphew sent a message to Libler saying “Guess who is alone again?? at 2:03 picture was sent sunbathing. Aug 10, 2021 LS/PH



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11:52 am - 12:31 pm
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Morphew Home


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