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May 10, 08:10 – Trash Dump #1 – RTD Bus Stop Hwy 36


8:10 am Car door opened at RTD bus stop in Broomfield off Hwy 36 – Trash drop #1

(Barry Morphew Interview – March 5, 2021 – Part 2)

Barry was shown a photo of the RTD stop and asked about it. Barry said he pulled over there to GPS the job site. There was a trash can right there and he just took stuff out of this truck. Barry said whatever he threw away was probably just sitting right there on his seat. Barry said he couldn’t tell agents what it was, but it wasn’t worth anything. Barry says it was just junk, probably wrappers and cans. (Agents labeled this as Trash Run #1)

(Discussion of Exhibit 20)

Barry was shown photos of the interior of his truck with the tools, trash and disorder when it was photographed by law enforcement. He said nothing looked out of place. When asked what was in the backpack, he said, “clothes, just clothes for staying overnight.”

Preliminary hearing:

Q Lindsey: Eventually did the telematics come back online and be able to look at that information?

A Grusing: Yes.

Q Lindsey: When did that happen?

A Grusing: Just after 8:00 – 8:10 am when his phone was also near that bus stop in Broomfield on Highway 36.

Q Lindsey: I’m going to approach with 28 through 55. Can you review those exhibits? What are People’s 28 through 55?

A Grusing: They are — they include both surveillance photos and some Google Earth photos that depict Barry Morphew’s activity on May 10th in Broomfield.

Q Lindsey: Based on what?

A Grusing: Based upon my review of telematics and cell phone activity and then law enforcement going out and collecting video. Let me add to that law enforcement had already gone to the Broomfield hotel and collected most of that video but they were looking for other places that Barry had stopped during that time

Q Lindsey: You testified that the phone shows up at a bus stop in Broomfield and People’s 28, what is that?

A Grusing: That is a Google Earth image of when I zoom in and do street view based upon that coordinate.

Q Lindsey: And why is this photo taken?

A Grusing: Because the Ford F-350 doors opened and closed. Not just the driver’s door but the passenger door as well. So I was curious as to why. If you see in the picture there’s a trash can about 20 to 30 feet — Agent Harris and I actually went to this site and we didn’t know if Barry threw something away at this site.

Q Lindsey: Was there ever a discussion about that?

A Grusing: Yes.

Q Lindsey: With who?

A Grusing: With Barry.

Q Lindsey: What was the discussion?

A Grusing: He said he did throw things away at this site but could not recall what they were.

Q Lindsey: Does that appear to be consistent with the telematics of the doors opening and closing?

A Grusing: Yes. He would have time — with the passenger door opening and closing — like it would say passenger door opened at 8:10:36 am and then passenger door closed at 8:12:13 am. So it took about a minute and a half and that trash can is only 10 to 15 steps away from where the truck was parked.


May 10 2020


8:10 AM - 8:15 AM
RTD Bus Stop Hwy 36


RTD Bus Stop Hwy 36
US 36 & Flatiron Station Gate B, Broomfield, CO 80020
Barry's Truck

Location 2

Barry's Truck
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