Home Timeline of Events May 10, 11:18 – Barry calls Morgan Gentile

May 10, 11:18 – Barry calls Morgan Gentile

11:18 am (approx) – Morgan Gentile (AA):  “Barry called he was out of breathe (sic) panting but fatigue, kind a like hungover but he doesn’t drink, honestly when I hung up I thought to myself he sounded like he had the worst night of his life.”


At about 11:18 AM on May 10, 2020, Barry called Morgan and explained she needed to bring an additional person because of the amount of work needed to repair the wall. She agreed she would bring another contractor, Jeff Puckett. Barry never provided an explanation why he left early or why he did not pick her up.


May 10 2020


Times approx
11:15 AM - 11:20 AM
Barry's Truck


Barry's Truck
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