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May 10, 11:23 – 11:36 – Barry back at the HIE

11:23 – Barry’s phone and truck were at the Holiday Inn Express.

11:36 – Barry walked into the hotel lobby, wearing a black t-shirt, carrying under his left arm a black binder and disorganized papers.

11:56 – Barry exited his room, wearing a white shirt and carrying the binder with the papers. He walked to his truck at 11:57 AM.

(Discussion of Exhibit 5)

Barry was shown a photo of papers for the Broomfield wall and SA Harris explained the photo was from a bathroom drawer. Barry said, “Yeah, that’s probably my side of the bathroom.”

SA Grusing asked if he came back from the site and put those in the drawer. Barry said, “I had different copies.” He added, “That was the original copy they gave me, like when we first was looking at the job.”

(Discussion of Exhibit 18)

SA Grusing showed Barry photos of the binder recovered in the search of his truck and the documents inside which appeared to be mail. Barry was told no documents from EA Outdoors for the Broomfield site were recovered and SA Harris said Barry previously told Agents he was studying documents for his job in Broomfield. SA Grusing asked if he threw the job documents away.

Barry replied, “No, I left them there for the workers.”

SA Grusing asked if he left the documents in the hotel room and he said, “Yeah, I should’ve.”

SA Grusing asked if Barry told Morgan he was leaving the papers and he said, “Urn, I don’t know. Everything was so crazy that day.”

Barry was shown the photograph of the binder he is carrying into the hotel. Barry said it was papers related to the job so he could study and prepare for the job. Barry was asked about changing from a black to a gray shirt. Barry said it was because gray would reflect the sun.



May 10 2020


11:20 AM - 12:00 PM
Holiday Inn Express Broomfield


Holiday Inn Express Broomfield
11401 Via Varra, Broomfield, CO 80020
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