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May 10, 11:57 – 12:25 – Barry at the worksite

11:57 am to 12:25 pm, Barry’s phone was near the Via Varra work site for the wall, he removed blocks from wall.

12:06 pm BM calls MM1 (LS, Ashley Franco, PH)

Barry explained that in 2019 his company had been contracted to build a retaining wall at a site in Broomfield, Colorado. Two of his contractors, Cassidy Cordova and Cody Cox, were tasked with the work. Barry said that the wall was not completed correctly and he lost $30,000.00 because of it. Barry could not recall that name of the general contractor (GC) for the job.

Barry stated that he was scheduled to travel to Broomfield on May 10, 2020, to get eyes on the site and fully determine what was needed. Barry stated Morgan was supposed to travel to Broomfield that evening and Cassidy was due to arrive Monday morning.

When Agents asked Barry why he did not pick up Morgan Gentile, as agreed, on Sunday for the ride to Broomfield, he stated: “I didn’t want her to ride with me because she smokes,” and, “I told her I wanted her to drive her car,” and, “She was just gonna follow me.”

Barry told Morgan about the Broomfield job sometime in mid-April 2020. Morgan stated the job was supposed to take place between April 23, 2020 and April 30, 2020, however, she was not sure of the exact date. Barry then changed the job to take place on or about the first week of May. Barry then rescheduled the job to begin on May 11, 2020.

Barry stated, “I’m pretty sure when she (Jeanne) called, I was right there at the wall,” adding that he loaded up his tools, took them directly to the hotel, told the lady working in the hotel lobby that he had an emergency and asked if he could leave the tools in the lobby.

When confronted by CBI Agents that the video footage from the hotel contradicted Barry’s statements that he was at the wall on the job site when Jeanne Ritter called, Barry did not refute the evidence.

On May 14, 2020, Investigator Richard Wren interviewed Cody. Cox worked with Barry and for Barry’s landscape business. Cox and Cordova did a landscape job in Broomfield between August of 2019 and December 2019. The general contractor did not like the job and it had to be repaired several times. After the last attempt to fix the wall, Cox refused to go back to Denver to fix the wall. Barry fired Cox. At the same time, Cox was given the ultimatum to leave DSI or be fired because of a hot urinalysis test. Cox left DSI. Cox advised that this all happened around the end of December 2019.

SA Grusing told Barry that investigators have a fuller picture of his actions in Broomfield.

Barry said, “I, I, I told to Joe and Derek everything. And Joe’s like, ‘Well why are you going to five different trash cans and throwing all kinds of crap away?’ And I said, ‘I, I’ve done that my whole entire life.’ My truck is a mess. I go, I throw things away here and there, cause I’m a tightwad and I don’t want to pay for trash pickup or this or that or I had time – that day I was, I was going to, umm, have more time, spend more time on that wall that day, but when I got to it and realized, that, my workers were going to come and I could just have them do this stuff- and I had time on my hands.” (Barry’s story that he had time on his hands after working on the wall contradicts his five trash runs on May 10th, four of which occurred before he went to the wall- then finished with his walk across the hotel parking lot.)

(Discussion of Exhibit 5)

Barry was shown a photo of papers for the Broomfield wall and SA Harris explained the photo was from a bathroom drawer. Barry said, “Yeah, that’s probably my side of the bathroom.”

SA Grusing asked if he came back from the site and put those in the drawer. Barry said, “I had different copies.” He added, “That was the original copy they gave me, like when we first was looking at the job.”



May 10 2020


11:55 AM - 12:25 PM
The Broomfield Job


The Broomfield Job
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