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March 22, 2020 – Spy pen records Barry listening to Forensic Files episodes, call with Suzanne on drive to Pueblo

Under the file numbered “03/22/2020,” Suzanne appears to place her recording pen in the truck of Barry as he took a trip to Pueblo. The pen recorded him listening to multiple episodes of “Forensic Files,” to include: the killings of Mary Lee Wilson and Donna Payant by Lemuel Smith; the murder of Vicki Lynne Hoskinson- who went missing after riding her bike.

Hoskinson’s sister finds the bike and discussed it was found in the middle of the road. The case began as a missing child, her family pleaded on TV for her return. Discussion also included the location of Hoskinson body in Tucson being a remote location, how animals had scavenged her bones and investigators trying to determine when she was killed.

Barry further listened to the Forensic Files case of Walter Scott, a man that went missing, but was later determined to be a homicide victim of James Williams. While Scott was married to “JoAnn” he had an affair with a woman named Suzanne. Meanwhile, JoAnne was cheating with a man named James Williams. Williams killed his first wife (staged car accident) and married JoAnne after killing Scott. Walter was reported to be acting “not himself’ in the days prior to his disappearance.

A phone call is recorded between Barry and Suzanne in which Suzanne calls Barry, “Shirley,” his mother’s name, after he tells her how to cook. Barry asked Suzanne why she has to “be so mean” to him. Much of the conversation is unintelligible because of the truck noise.

Barry listened to other Forensic Files episodes of homicide investigations during the five-hour recording session.

Preliminary Hearing:

Q Lindsey: Before we get too in depth about Suzanne was there some recordings on there of some blogs or different kind of stations that you heard

A Harris: So there were there were a couple of different recordings. One appears to be the pen inside of Barry Morphew’s truck as he’s driving as far as we can tell. In that context you can mostly hear what we presume to be the truck radio, and the truck radio is playing episodes of – there’s some news clips and then there’s portions of Forensic Files talking about various criminal cases and the forensic details about those criminal cases as he’s driving.

Q Lindsey: Without going into really huge details of those recordings could you tell roundabout when those were recorded?

A Harris: The files themselves don’t have dates but sometimes what’s captured on the recording would have dates. I believe there’s something in one of the news reports that puts them in — I don’t remember this for sure – March — or sorry, February or March maybe.

Q Lindsey: 2020.

A Harris: 2020, yes.

Q Lindsey: Was there a recording about somebody going missing while bike riding?

A Harris: Yes.


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