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Holidays 2019 – Suzanne and Libler stop talking on the phone because she is afraid Barry will find out.

Around the holidays, Suzanne and Libler stop talking on the phone because she is afraid Barry will find out. They shift to more covert ways to communicate.

Barry’s second device makes its first appearance.

On June 11, 2020, your affiant received information from FBI SA Grusing and Computer Scientist Brian Turner that while reviewing the data from the cell phone extraction of Barry’s iPhoneFrom the AA: (Barry’s Verizon Records) From 5:41PM on Friday, May 8, 2020, through Sunday, May 10,2020, all eleven calls between Barry and Suzanne are outgoing from Barry to Suzanne. Out of 58 voicemails on Barry’s phone, none are from Suzanne. Barry deleted numerous calls between himself and Suzanne from May 4-5, 2020. When asked by FBI Agents in April… More, they found a second device, User ID: 2BD073C4-EFD5-413C-92AC-351DD5B43C11, identifier: REDACTED was associated with Barry’s iPhone with an SMS at 03:43:44 PM MST on May 8th, 2020.

This user ID is separate from the primary User ID: D2AAE6DB-8F77-4583-B5D4-B966F3D23F70, identifier: REDACTED

This second device was first used on November 30,2019 and was associated with Barry’s iPhone 91 times since then, compared to 1,701 associations with the primary User ID since November 2019.

Dates this device was associated with Barry’s iPhone since May 5, 2020:

05/05/2020 12:48:34 PM (UTC-6)
05/10/2020 08:47:28 AM (UTC -6)
05110/2020 11:50:52 AM (UTC -6)
05/11/2020 07:54:50 AM (UTC -6)
05/11/2020 08:14:29 AM (UTC -6)
05/11/2020 05:44;42 PM (UTC -6)
05/12/2020 05:58:11 PM (UTC -6)

As of this present date, this second device has not been identified.

SA Harris asked if Barry knew what the fight was about and he said, “She was accusing me of having an affair and she accused me of having cameras in the house, watching her every move.”

When SA Grusing asked if Barry had functioning game cameras, he said, “I had game cameras, I think all of them were in the safe, they took ’em all. I, the game cameras I had outside, sometimes I put ’em by the drive just to see if somebody’s coming in and out when I’m gone. But most of the time I’m trying to get a picture of a deer, an elk or a bear. But, I had no cameras in the house. I’ve never used a camera in the house and she was just absolutely sure that I had cameras in the house.”

Barry said he monitored the cameras with a “little SD card” that he could put into a computer. He added, “Yeah, and, urn, even the outside cameras, she thought that, ‘Oh you’re watchin’, or your girlfriend is watchin’ you on the outside cameras.’ I said, ‘Honey, the outside cameras don’t even work.’ And, but she was just certain that if like, I was outside with her and doing something in the yard, she would say, ‘I know she’s watchin’ you.’ Just stupid stuff, and I’m like, that’s why these, the only reason that these fights happen is because she’s accusin’ me. And I never understood them until now; she’s accusing me because she wants to justify her relationship.” – (Barry Morphew Interview – March 10, 2021 Part 2)

SA Grusing interjected to point to the “Knew I was looking at phone in bonus” line from Suzanne’s grievance list and asked Barry about that. He stated, “She thought I had cameras in the deer eyes of my mounts. She thought there were cameras in there, and I threatened to rip ’em out and prove it. I didn’t want to tear my deer mounts up, but,” SA Grusing interjected to ask if Suzanne talked to Barry about him seeing her on her phone.

Barry said, “Yeah, I’ve never, I’ve never seen anything on her phone that would, just divulge what she was doing. Never.” – (Discussion of Exhibit 2)

SA Grusing addressed Suzanne’s complaints regarding security cameras, asking Barry if he removed the DVR or recording device for the home system – that wires seemed disconnected.

Barry said, “I don’t remember, and I would almost bet a hundred thousand dollars that she took ’em out. Urn, they never worked. Uh, when we got there, they did for a little bit and I hired a company to come and I don’t know if they didn’t work because of her sabotaging them or what. But I could care less about ’em, so it didn’t matter to me, so.” – (Discussion of Exhibit 2)

Agents showed Barry the photo of a SG 11 Mini DV Operating Manual for a camera, which SA Harris explained was recovered in the bathroom drawer.

Barry said, “Yeah, and I never used it. I bought it ’cause I thought I would use it as a game camera. A little thing and it was cheap, and my game cameras,” SA Grusing interrupted and said the camera was not found in the search of the house.

Barry stated, “I don’t even know what happened to it. I know that I bought it and it was tiny and I think as soon as I got it I tried to get it working and couldn’t and thought it was just junk, and I got ripped off (UI).”

SA Grusing asked when he bought the camera compared to when Suzanne went missing.

Barry replied, “I don’t recall.”

SA Harris said the manual was found at the top of items in the drawer. SA Grusing asked Barry to confirm he did not get it to work.

Barry said, “Yeah, I tried to get it working and I couldn’t. I just thought … ”

SA Grusing asked if he tried to mount it outside like a game camera and Barry said, “No. Never. I couldn’t get it working.”

– (Barry Morphew Interview – April 22, 2021)


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