Home Timeline of Events September 2018 – Suzanne sends “Howdy stranger” message to Libler

September 2018 – Suzanne sends “Howdy stranger” message to Libler

Suzanne sends “Howdy stranger” message to JL via Facebook. First contact in 20 years. Exact date unknown.

PH Harris: And I believe it was the — I’m not positive of this but I think it was the summer of 1989, which was the year after Jeff Libler’s first year in college. He was back in Indiana for a party which was at Suzanne’s house. Barry was not there, but Barry and Suzanne were dating at that point and he and Suzanne sort of hooked up at the party.

PH DA Lindsey: And there was another contact about 20 years later.

PH Harris: Yes. so in — some time — he didn’t remember when it was exactly and he did not have the records for it, but believed it was around — he said fall of 2018. I think he thinks around September that he got a message that just from Suzanne that said, ”Howdy stranger.”

PH Iris Eytan: So the beginning of this affair as you said started with getting a message from Suzanne out of the blue on Facebook saying hey stranger, right?

PH Kenneth Harris: Yes I don’t remember if Mr. Libler remembered for sure which platform it was but he thought it was Facebook, yes.





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