Home Timeline of Events May 09, 14:03 – Suzanne sends sunbathing pic to Libler, last proof of life.

May 09, 14:03 – Suzanne sends sunbathing pic to Libler, last proof of life.

14:03 pm SM sends sunbathing pic to JL via LinkedIn. Last proof of life.

On May 9, 2020, Suzanne’s last proof-of-life occurred in the 2:00PM hour when she was messaging Libler with a “selfie” while Barry returned to the residence. Suzanne did not respond to Libler’s return messages at 2:44PM and 2:46PM, the same time Barry admitted to running around their property with a gun and placing his phone in Airplane Mode at 2:47PM.

Barry looked at the photo and said, “Well, look at her. She’s obviously drunk. Look at her eyes. Do you know what drunk eyes look like?” He added, “I mean, would you say those eyes are drunk eyes?”

SA Grusing said bloodshot eyes are what he looks for.

Barry said, “No, it’s, it’s the la-the lazy eyes is what I see in her and she drank-”

SA Grusing asked Barry if she was wearing that swimsuit when he came home. He said, “Uh, she was laying out,” when SA Grusing confirmed, Barry said, “Yep, yep.”

Barry said her mind was altered from drugs and alcohol, adding that substances alter people’s minds and that he is positive Suzanne’s mind was altered. SA Grusing asked if her mind was altered Saturday afternoon when he came home, referencing Barry’s statement of her drunk eyes in the photograph.

Barry said, “I thought it was, but I thought, this might be good, because it might make for a better night, if she’s cut the edge off with something. So, I wasn’t going to …”

SA Grusing says Barry wasn’t going to fight her on it. Barry said, “So, I wasn’t opposed to that, that day and I surely wasn’t going to bring it up. If I bring those things up, it just causes a fight. She’ll start something, so just let it go.”

Libler’s message to Suzanne at 2:46PM, “Hey … your weather looks great,” may have been in reference to the picture she sent earlier or to Libler checking conditions in Colorado through the Internet. Suzanne never answered that message or subsequent messages by Libler wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day on May 10th.

  • This picture is the last PROOF OF LIFE of #Suzannemorphew Barry looked at the photo and allegedly told investigators she looked drunk. Described her eyes as drunk eyes, “it would take the edge off for the night.” Aug 10, 2021 LS/PH
  • #BarryMorphew left the home around 1:38 p.m. #suzannemorphew sent a message to Libler saying “Guess who is alone again?? at 2:03 picture was sent sunbathing. Aug 10, 2021 LS/PH
  • Exhibit 59: A picture of #SuzanneMorphew sunbathing is shown in the courtroom. She is smiling and laying on her front. It is a selfie. The daughters are crying in the courtroom as they see the photo for the first time. Aug 10, 2021 LS/PH
  • At 2:11 #SuzanneMorphew told Jeff Libler to get on What’s Up App. She messaged him on LinkedIn Aug 10, 2021 LS/PH


A Harris: Yes. So at 2:04 — I don’t have the seconds on the version I have, but at 2:04 Jeff sends something to Suzanne saying, “How did you get alone?”

Q Lindsey: And does Suzanne respond.

A Harris: Yes, at 2:04 as well. Again, I don’t have the seconds in front of me, Suzanne responds to Jeff, “He’s always gone somewhere. It never stops.”

A Harris: Yes. Yeah, there’s a couple more, “Fine with me,” at 14:05:01, “Thank you, babe,” at 14:05:13. “I’m just in love with you,” at 14:05:20.

THE WITNESS: Yes, sorry. “I’m just in love with you.” That one is at 14:05:20. Then one last one that’s in the 14:05:46 is “Whatcha up to?”

Q Lindsey: Okay, what’s his response?

A Harris: That he was — I don’t know if this is a quote — that he was cleaning up outside and that his wife just went to Costco and his daughter went running. He — that’s supposed to be a summary. He then asked, “Want to strip down and get naked? LOL??”

Q Lindsey: And that’s a message from Mr. Libler —

A Harris: From Jeff to Suzanne —

Q Lindsey: — to Suzanne —

A Harris: — at 14:06:03.

Q Lindsey: Communication continue on?

A Harris: It does Suzanne responds, “Oh man!!”, with two exclamation points at 14:07:30. And then Suzanne responds again “Can you talk??”, with two question marks at 14:07:38. Then Suzanne has two more responses “Or video?”, at 14:07:44. Then she says “I can load up WA!”, at 14:08:02.


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