Home Timeline of Events May 9, 13:40(?) – Suzanne texts Libler

May 9, 13:40(?) – Suzanne texts Libler

13:40 (?) SM text to JL: Guess who is alone again?

#BarryMorphew left the home around 1:38 p.m. #suzannemorphew sent a message to Libler saying “Guess who is alone again?? at 2:03 picture was sent sunbathing. Aug 10, 2021 LS/PH

Suzanne Morphew’s last “proof of life” was a photo she sent to her lover at 1:42p on LinkedIn on May 9, according to FBI agent. She was out sunbathing. Shortly before she had messaged him saying “Guess who’s alone again??” Aug 10, 2021 Marc Sallinger/PH




May 09 2020


1:42 pm
1:40 PM - 1:45 PM
Morphew Home


Morphew Home
19057 Puma Path, Salida, CO 81201
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