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Thanksgiving 2018 – Barry obsessive/possessive.

“Thanksgiving 2018, while the Morphew’s were still trying to sell their house in Indiana. While Suzanne was at the Oliver’s house, she had stepped away from her cell phone to use the restroom, and Barry tried calling her several times within a few minutes, then tried calling Sheila, then tried calling Darin. He was persistent and obsessive about knowing where she was, at least when she was with Sheila.” AA (Second Sheila Oliver Interview)

On Nov. 26, 2018, there were 7 calls between Suzanne and Jeff Libler that totalled 4 hours. The next day she texted Sheila saying she had a tough talk with Barry Morphew, but she didn’t mention the new relationship with Libler. Aug 09, 2021 LH/PH

PH DA Lindsey: Okay. Was there ever an indication from Sheila Oliver that Mr. Morphew was concerned about a relationship that Ms. Morphew had with Sheila Oliver?

PH SA Harris: Yes, there were a couple of different times where Suzanne expressed to Sheila that Barry was asking her fairly pointedly ‘are you talking to anybody else about our marriage’. And then there were other times when Suzanne was visiting Sheila – so I think Sheila came out for her first visit after the Morphews moved to Colorado in September of 2018 and then that Thanksgiving Sheila went back and visited sorry, Suzanne went back and visited Indiana and saw Sheila during that time. And Sheila recounted that Suzanne stepped away to go to the restroom and Barry multiple times tried to get a hold of Suzanne’s phone. She wasn’t answering. Then called Sheila, then called Darrin and Suzanne said it was just confusing. He seemed very suspicious of not being able to get a hold of Suzanne at this particular moment and called three people on a very fairly short succession.


Nov 18 - 24 2018


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