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January 2019 – The Mexico trip where Barry took Suzanne’s phone

Mexico trip mentioned in the grievances list where Barry took Suzanne’s phone.

Chased me around resort and threatened
Took phone
Libler and Suzanne stopped talking over the phone in December 2019 because she told him, “We can’t use the phone anymore.” She said, “He (Barry) watches everything I do and I’m afraid he’s gonna, gonna find out.” Suzanne mentioned an incident when she was on the beach in Mexico listening to music on her phone and Barry was suspicious of her. Libler said, “She started handing her phone over to him and told him, ‘Do whatever you want. Go through it.’”

SA Grusing asked if Barry remembered her handing him her phone in Mexico – that he was trying to see who she was talking to. Barry said, “Yeah. Wasn’t in her phone? Snapchat?”

Agents talk about some things related to Suzanne’s seven trips and her behavior in Mexico that likely made Barry suspicious like when he wanted to see her phone, because he was not a fool. Barry said, “I had some intuition, but I would never think it was a physical thing.”65 Barry was told that doesn’t make him guilty of her disappearance (Barry does not protest).

He said, “Absolutely one hundred percent no. No, I absolutely did not. I never went into her phone, into her Facebook. Ever. The only time I touched her phone was in Mexico when I thought she was secretly doing something- I think I told you that story, and she said, ‘Here,’ and gave me, and, ‘You can look.’ And she gave it to me and let me look cause there’s no way I could find out what you guys found.”



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