Full Timeline

August 5, 1994 – Suzanne Moorman marries Barry Morphew

The Alexandria Times-Tribune Alexandria, Indiana 05 Jan 1994, Wed  •  Page 4

December 1999 – Barry and Suzanne Purchase 26040 Cal Carson Rd, Arcadia, IN

Private, Gated Estate Home on 10 Acres!

November 2013 – Suzanne Inherits $208,000 upon the Passing of her Mother.

Melinda Baumunk provided documents that Suzanne inherited approximately $208,000 in 2013 at the passing of her mother. She inherited another approximate $217,000 when her grandmother passed away in 2016.

August 2016 – Suzanne inherits $217,000 upon the death of a grandmother.

Suzanne’s grievance list included multiple references to Barry controlling the finances.

April 12, 2018 – The Morphew’s Purchase 19057 Puma Path

Barry and Suzanne Morphew purchase 19057 Puma Path for $1,575,000.

June 1, 2018 – The Morphews move to Colorado. (PH – Harris)

SA Harris: Yeah, they moved in 2018. I believe they left around June 1st, 2018. to move to Colorado. So roughly a year and a half of the time is what Sheila originally said in that.

September 2018 – Suzanne sends “Howdy stranger” message to Libler

First contact since high school.

Fall 2018 – Libler’s daughter sees messages from Suzanne on his phone.

Libler breaks it off.

Thanksgiving 2018 – Barry obsessive/possessive.

While Suzanne was at the Oliver’s house, she had stepped away from her cell phone to use the restroom, and Barry tried calling her several times within a few minutes, then tried calling Sheila, then tried calling Darin.

Holidays 2018 – Suzanne finds Libler’s LinkedIn Page.

Relationship Rekindled

January 2019 – The Mexico trip where Barry took Suzanne’s phone

Mexico trip mentioned in the grievances list where Barry took Suzanne's phone.

February 11 – 14, 2019 – Suzanne in New Orleans with Libler

Barry admitted to questioning Suzanne about the New Orleans trip, further evidence he suspected the affair.

April 2019 – Suzanne meets up with Libler in Indiana

She does not see Sheila Oliver on this trip.

July 2019 – Suzanne and Libler meet up in Michigan

Barry called Sheila Oliver while Suzanne was in MI visiting her father/JL, wanting to know why Suzanne wasn't returning his calls.

September 2019 – Barry stalks Suzanne and Shelia Oliver, creeping through woods.

Barry stalked Suzanne and Sheila at the Puma Path house in September 2019.

October 2019 – Libler and Suzanne in Dallas

Suzanne and Libler spend two nights at the Galleria.

September – November 2019 – Barry aggressively pursues Karry Woodell around Salida.

From the first time Wooddell met Barry, she said it felt like "he was putting his tentacles out."

Holidays 2019 – Suzanne and Libler stop talking on the phone because she is afraid Barry will find out.

They shift to more covert ways to communicate. Barry's second device makes its first appearance.

January/February 2020 – Suzanne in Florida, gets spy pen, sees Libler

Suzanne in Florida, Sheila Oliver gives her the spy pen during this trip. Suzanne records a conversation with Libler on this trip.

Late February 2020 – Suzanne in Florida, sees father and Libler.

Suzanne skips out on time with her father to see Libler. Barry goes to Florida.

March 2020 – Spy pen records argument between Suzanne and Barry. “It’s money. It’s about money.”

“… I have lived for years being told how I should feel, how I should act, how I should look, what I should drink, what I shouldn’t drink, what I should put in my body, what I shouldn’t put in my body … ”

March 20, 2020 – Jekyll and Hyde text exchange between Suzanne and Sheila Oliver, Macy suggests restraining order.

"It’s Jekyl and Hyde again … Pretty much told him I can’t be healthy and stay in this."

March 22, 2020 – Spy pen records Barry listening to Forensic Files episodes, call with Suzanne on drive to Pueblo

Coincidentally one of the episodes involved a woman "disappearing" after a bike ride.

April 21, 2020 – Messages between Suzanne and Libler

“I want to be with you,” “I can only be me with you,” I love you,” “I need you.” “You know I was born to love you.”

May 4, 2020 16:05 – Barry makes 3 second outgoing call to Suzanne

This was the first logged call in Barry’s phone to or from Suzanne since February 7, 2020.

May 5, 2020 – Suzanne drives Macy to Gunnison

Suzanne drives Macy to Gunnison, CO to meet Mallory for a road/camping trip through Utah and Idaho with Mallory's best friend.

May 6, 08:44 – Suzanne sends Macy a text

“Good morning! I miss you already!”

May 6, 10:13 – Suzanne: “I’m done. I could care less what you’re up to and have been for years.”

From 14:43 to 17:00 Barry replied, “When I’m dead,” “Going to see my savior,” and “This life on earth is a mear (sic) grain of sand compared to eternity.”

May 6, 2020 – 14:43 – From Barry to Suzanne: “I’m sorry if things went the way they did. I have a problem dealing with the way you accused me of hiding checks. If you think I’m as terrible of a person to hide our accounts and have ones you don’t know about you don’t know me.

All I do is for you and the girls. All. When I'm dead, which won't be long, you guys will be taken care of. Please stop being angry. If I can control my hurt heart I think I can overcome your distant unlovingness toward me. Honey, I swear it's the hardest thing I've had to do. I love you I always will.”

May 6, 2020 – 15:51 – Barry to Suzanne: “I promise you were wrong about all the crazy thoughts about me. I have always been faithful. Always.

Why would I ever want another when I'm married to the most beautiful, sweet, kind, loving, woman as you? Only a fool would stray from an angel like you.”

May 07, 2020 – Suzanne messages Libler about how magical past days had been. Barry wants a new truck.

16:43 - “Been studying all afternoon. I’m gonna bike now. I’ve got veggie soup on for supper.”

May 7, 2020 – Scott Banks puts new tires on Suzanne’s bike

Bike mechanic was interviewed by law enforcement.

May 7, 17:13:52 – Barry Works Out at George Davis’ House

Truck log files place Barry at GD's home at 5:13 pm.

May 7, 2020 23:00 – “I finally got the job” text from Mallory goes unanswered.

Q (Lindsey): Anything on May 6th that didn’t seem normal? Was there a text from Mallory to Mr. Morphew? A (Grusing): I believe that’s the night of May 7th. Mallory, Macy, and their friend Holly are out on a trip towards Utah and Mallory is sending pictures to both Suzanne and Barry but I was ... Read more

May 08, 07:03 – Suzanne’s phone backs up a list of 50 reasons why she wanted to leave marriage on “Notes”

Not safe alone with you. Can’t be trusted - Oppressive - Slam on brakes when angry - Threaten to jump out of car - Gun

May 08, 08:43 – “I will continue to do your invoicing when you need to.”

"When FBI Agents showed Barry these texts during interviews in 2021, he said he did not think Suzanne was serious."

May 08, 09:28 – Suzanne texts sister about Barry’s abuse.

“It’s hard dealing with the harsh abrasiveness and having to show respect. He’s also been abusive, emotionally and physically. There’s so much … I went thru a period of acceptance and I feel more angry now. Anger at what I’ve allowed.”

May 08, 10:55 Barry: “I Love You, Suzanne.”

“But, in the afternoon, it (the text fight) was like it never happened. She texted me back and it was just like, ‘Hey, what time are you coming home? Hey, this or that. Just pick this up or pick that up.'”

May 08, 13:18 – Barry texts Salida Stove and Spa about getting the hot tub fixed.

"Asking when he could come out to the home."

May 08, 15:43 – Barry’s iPhone receives an SMS message associated with the unknown device

This second device was first used on November 30,2019 and was associated with Barry’s iPhone 91 times since then, compared to 1,701 associations with the primary User ID since November 2019.

May 8, 19:06 – Moonlight Pizza and Phone Calls

Barry convinces Suzanne to meet him at the Tailwinds site before going to pick up Moonlight Pizza together.

May 08, 21:04 – 20 Facebook friend requests, 3 men named “Jeff.” Barry’s lurking at the River.

Barry was asked about his phone pinging down by the river during the Facebook posts on Friday night and asked if he was outside. Barry said, “I could have been. I don’t remember. I chase critters around the house all the time.”

May 09, 00:02 – Incoming call on Suzanne’s phone (PH CAST)

Incoming call on Suzanne’s phone (PH CAST)

May 09, 02:07 – Outgoing call on Suzanne’s phone (PH CAST)

02:07 am outgoing call on SM’s phone (PH CAST)

May 09, 06:00 – Barry’s phone received call (PH CAST)

06:00 am BM’s phone received call (PH CAST)

May 09, 06:46 – Barry’s phone registered “Power On”

Comes out of Airplane mode.

May 09, 07:19 – Barry’s cell received signal (PH)

Barry’s cell received signal (PH)

May 09, 07:22 – 07:39 – Barry at “Tailwinds” worksite

Barry’s phone registered locations at his “Tailwinds” work site near Poncha Springs.

May 09, 07:35 – Suzanne texting Sheila Oliver

Discussing Sheila's daughters wedding on Sunday.

May 09, 08:00 – Morgan Gentile was with Barry working on the rock beach site until 11am.

Gentile: “He said that he had to go make the wife happy – do some hiking or biking.”

May 9 – Morning – Suzanne messaging Jeff

“He’s still wanting Arizona.”

May 09, 09:50 – Barry to Suzanne: Want to go on hike? *Text Exchange*

Barry to Suzanne: Want to go on hike?

May 9, 2020 – 11:14 – Suzanne received a second password reset message from Facebook

Previous reset was while Barry was down by the river on the evening of the 8th.

May 09, 11:15 est. – Barry tells Morgan Gentile he could “bury a body” and it “would never be found.”

Gentile: “He seemed stressed. He definitely seemed weird on Saturday.”

May 09, 11:55 – Dead Turkey Hunt or Barry Takes Down His Trail Cameras

Barry said he was looking for a turkey that Mallory had shot previously with a bow, but they had never found.

May 09, 13:35 – Barry leaves home again.

Checked on job at Kim Gyms

May 9, 13:40(?) – Suzanne texts Libler

Guess who is alone again?

May 09, 13:46 – Barry and the backhoe

After texting, Barry drove by Tim Klco's house to see the backhoe, but did not get back in touch to buy it. In 2018, Barry used a backhoe to dig a large hole in his front yard, fill it with items to include furniture, and cover it over, planting alfalfa on top.

May 09, 13:51 – 14:13 – Barry at DSI, replacing Bobcat blade

He was wearing a blue t-shirt and khaki shorts.

May 09, 14:03 – Suzanne sends sunbathing pic to Libler, last proof of life.

“Well, look at her. She’s obviously drunk. Look at her eyes. Do you know what drunk eyes look like?”

May 09, 14:11 – Suzanne sends last LinkedIn message to Libler: “I’m on wa.”

Libler sent response messages at 2:39PM, 2:46PM and 2:47PM that Suzanne did not answer.

May 09, 14:26 – Barry texts Suzanne, “Done headed back.”

He texted Suzanne that he was done and was headed home.

May 09, 14:31 – Barry texted Suzanne, “Did you leave.”

At 2:31 PM, Barry texted Suzanne, “Did you leave.”

May 09, 14:39 – Libler messages Suzanne, she does not respond. First unread.

Messages from LinkedIn show they were talking about how Suzanne is in love with Jeff before she went missing.

May 09, 14:43 – Barry’s phone and F-350, per telematics, arrive at the Morphew residence.

"The photo is shown in the courtroom, Suzanne smiling. Truck GPS coordinates show Barry’s truck goes into park at 2:43:59. Phone coordinates show he walks around the house. You can hear a pin drop in the courtroom as tension is high." - Carol McKinley, PH Tweet

May 09, 14:44 – Shooting Chipmunks? Barry had a .22 in the moments when Suzanne ceased the communicate with everyone she loved in the world.

Shooting Chipmunks? Barry had a .22 in the moments when Suzanne ceased the communicate with everyone she loved in the world.

May 09, 14:46 – Libler messages: “Hey … your weather looks great” Second unread.

No response from Suzanne.

May 09, 14:47 – Jeff sends another messages to Suzanne with no response. Third unread.

Jeff sends last message if the day to Suzanne with no response.

May 09, 16:00 – 17:30 – Defense says Barry was at Salida Stove and Spa

Salida Stove and Spa's posted hours have the store closing at 2pm on Saturday. Telematics show Barry's truck in his garage during the time he was supposedly at Salida Stove and Spa.

May 09, 16:44 – Barry parks his truck in the garage.

Barry claims to have been loading his truck and cleaning off his workbench.

May 09, 17:33 – Barry’s truck system manually rebooted

Barry attempted to disable the trucks GPS and SYNC features.

May 10 – 17:33:32 – “Power Removed” event occurred

According to the truck telematics.

May 09, 18:40, 18:46 – Sheila Oliver sends two Snapchats to Suzanne that were never opened

Sheila Oliver sends two Snapchats to Suzanne that were never opened

May 09, 21:25 – Barry’s truck goes into reverse, backs 96.8 feet down driveway

Barry backs 96 feet out of the garage.

May 09, 22:17 – Barry’s Phone Exits out of Airplane Mode

Barry's phone comes out of airplane mode at the Morphew residence.

May 10, 02:53 – Outgoing call on Suzanne’s phone

Possible glitch.

May 10, 03:25 – 03:48 – Barry’s truck door opened and closed

"SA Hoyland noted over eighty events involving the F350 during this timeframe."

May 10, 03:58 – Barry’s phone moves from home to near where Suzanne’s bike found

3:58 am BM cell moves from home to near 225/50 where bike found   Carol McKinley PH Tweets (read from bottom tweet up): 431 am 5/10 Barry’s phone goes back into airplane mode at the his home. 5:37 am – morphew turns into buena vista & heads towards broomfield. 538 he texts his mom “happy ... Read more

May 10, 04:10 – 04:23 – Last Activity from Suzanne’s iPhone

Sergeant Mullenax asked dispatch to ping the number given for Suzanne’s cell phone. Dispatch informed Mullenax that the cell phone appeared to be off and last known activity was at 4:23AM on the present date, with a general location about 11.5 miles west of a cell tower in Poncha Springs, CO.

May 10, 04:32 – Barry’s Phone Goes Back into Airplane Mode

Barry's Phone Goes Back into Airplane Mode

May 10, 04:32 – 05:14 – Chasing Elk, or Staging Evidence?

Barry's trip to Garfield adds an approximate five miles each way to his morning trip, and places Barry and his vehicle in the direction the helmet was discarded - west from the bicycle.

May 10, 05:00 – Morgan Gentile Hears Barry’s Truck on Hwy 50

Gentile stated she did not see the truck but that his truck has a very distinctive exhaust.

May 10, 05:14 – 06:56 – Barry on the road to Broomfield.

Barry phone exits airplane mode while heading towards Buena Vista, CO.

May 10, 08:10 – Trash Dump #1 – RTD Bus Stop Hwy 36

Agent Grusing: "Yes. He would have time -- with the passenger door opening and closing -- like it would say passenger door opened at 8:10:36 am and then passenger door closed at 8:12:13 am. So it took about a minute and a half and that trash can is only 10 to 15 steps away from where the truck was parked."

May 10, 08:14 – 08:20 Holiday Inn Express, Broomfield. Trash Dump #2

Grusing: "He said he parked there because he hoped someone would come out and he could go in the hotel before checking in and get a free breakfast."

May 10, 08:41 – 08:46 – “I made it to Broomfield call me when you get a chance”

Barry texts Suzanne.

May 10, 08:46 – Barry carries items into the Holiday Inn Express

“If there’s clothes in my truck, there was probably old clothes I threw away.”

May 10, 10:06 – Barry exits hotel room.

He's carrying a charcoal long-sleeved shirt, two white bags, and a pair of boots.

May 10, 10:20 – 10:41 – McDonald’s – Trash Dump #3

SA Grusing said Barry had a small item in his hand and used one arm to push it down, then both to push it further down as Barry was shown the photos.

May 10, 10:47 – 11:18 – Men’s Wearhouse Trash Dump #4

Barry was told he was there for about 40 minutes and asked if he remembered what he was doing there. Barry said, “I think I was still cleaning my truck, umm, yeah, yeah I mean, like I said, I just uh, I would, I was probably getting crap out of my truck like I said, which I’ve done my whole entire life.”

May 10, 11:18 – Barry calls Morgan Gentile

"Barry called he was out of breathe (sic) panting but fatigue, kind a like hungover but he doesn’t drink, honestly when I hung up I thought to myself he sounded like he had the worst night of his life.”

May 10, 11:23 – 11:36 – Barry back at the HIE

Barry carries in disorganized papers in a binder. Carries out an organized binder.

May 10, 11:57 – 12:25 – Barry at the worksite

Barry spent 28 minutes removing a few blocks from the wall.

May 10, 12:28 – 12:41 – HIE Trash Dump #5

A camera recorded Barry throwing away: a small item, one white trash bag, larger in size than the previous bags in one hand, a black container, along with a piece of clothing, possibly a camouflage coat.

May 10, 12:42 – 18:03 – Barry remains in his HIE room.

"At 3:30PM, Barry sent an outgoing message to Suzanne “Call me”"

May 10, 2020 (Time Unknown) – Libler wishes Suzanne a Happy Mother’s Day

Commented that it would be a hard day because she missed her own mother.

May 10, 2020 – 15:30 – Barry texts Suzanne from his hotel room.

At 3:30PM, Barry sent an outgoing message to Suzanne “Call me”

May 10, 15:50 – 17:45 – Suzanne is discovered missing

“I’m just so sad and REDCATED and I texted mom for Mother’s Day and she still hasn’t answered and I’m scared her and dad probably got in a big fight and I don’t even know it just made me want to be gone even more because I don’t want to be around them it hurts me and I know if REDACTED is working I might have to be home a lot more and it’ll probably...

May 10, 17:55 – 19:10 – Barry leaving Broomfield

6:10 pm - Barry entered the lobby carrying two shovels and placed them beside the front desk. He made subsequent trips, placing more tools in the same spot.

May 10, 19:31 – Chaffee County finds the bike

“Something is up with the front tire,” Deputy Brown

May 10, 20:42 – Barry arrives at CR 255 & US 50

"Barry is heard asking if deputies saw any “cats” on the road and a deputy says not recently."

May 10, 21:37 – CCSO Commander Avila brings Barry into the house for scent items.

Barry does not call out or look for his wife in the home.

May 10, After 21:47 – Barefoot prints in the Bobcat Bucket

Deputy Brown was walking in the driveway when Deputy Defurio told him that there were barefoot marks inside of the bucket on the Bobcat. Deputy Brown went with him to examine and found that the cutting blade on the bucket of the Bobcat appeared to be newly replaced, along with the nuts and bolts.

May 10, 22:00 – Gentile and Puckett smell chlorine and have the wrong tools in Broomfield.

“It looked like Barry had removed top caps that was it. We also did not have the tools we need like a packer or gravel.”

May 11, 2020 – First Interviews, Puma Path Searched

"On May 11, 2020, at about 7:00AM, Barry called Morgan and said that Suzanne was missing and he thought a mountain lion may have attacked her. Morgan explained that Barry was initially crying but then abruptly shifted to the specifics about the Broomfield job."

May 11, 2020 – 14:47 – Libler sends last message to Suzanne.

Wishing her well for her scheduled final cancer treatment that day.

May 12, 2020 – 20:00 – Barry found digging in the trash at Poncha Market

“He went to write down a description of maybe what she was wearing,” Butala said. “I just thought it was weird because he didn’t explain what the color of her eyes were or her hair or anything about her, like how tall she was or anything.”

May 13, 2020 – Deputy Carricato took photos of scratches on Barry’s left arm and hands.

These injuries appeared to be healing, several days old scratches.

May 13, 2020 – Fundraiser created

$33,552 raised

May 13, 2020 – Suzanne’s bike helmet located off US 50 during a search.

"This item was located at the following GPS coordinates (38.55008,-106.2575) approximately 0.84 miles northwest of the site the bicycle was located, approximately ten meters south of Highway 50 and about 1.52 miles from the Morphew residence."

May 17, 2020 – 11:13 – Barry’s “plea” video is released on Facebook.

“Oh Suzanne, if anyone is out there and can hear this, that has you, please, we’ll do whatever it takes to bring you back. We love you, we miss you, your girls need you. No questions asked, however much they want – I will do whatever it takes to get you back. Honey, I love you, I want you back so bad.”

May 19, 2020 – Interviews, Pneu-Darts, Range Rovers

"CCSO Deputy Scott Himschoot was present during the search at 19057 Puma Path, in the laundry room, and was asked to collect a “pneu-dart box, empty,” one plastic hypodermic cover, one Pneu-dart book from safe in garage, one dart from box under bench in garage, among other items. The plastic cover was located by evidence search teams in the dryer, inside of the sheets belonging to REDACTED bed."

May 20, 2020 – Spy Pen found.

"The pen was located in a cloth bin amongst women’s bras. The cloth bin and pen were inside the walk-in closet in the master bedroom, located on the ground level of the residence. Detective Hysjulien located, with the pen, the controller and headphones for playback and a USB cable."

May 31, 2020 – Tyson Draper sees Barry’s truck by the South Arkansas River near where the bike was found.

Barry drives by minutes later on the video. Draper later claims of Barry, inside the truck, "he had no shirt on, he was soaking wet, and it looked like he was frantic."

June 1, 2020 – Barry files for guardianship.

Within a month of Suzanne’s disappearance, Barry began to liquidate their assets.

June 1, 2020 – Tyson Draper interviews Barry on camera.

"So, uh -- we uh --. We had two daughters that were coming home from a trip. And I got a job in Denver that I wanted to get started on on Sunday. Set it up for my work because my rookies are coming in Sunday night. (Unintelligible) Monday but I, being the owner, I wanted to get everything lined up so that (Unintelligible).

June 6, 2020 – Barry closes on IN home.

Pockets $750,000

June 25, 2020 – Barry purchases the Longhorn Ranch property for $165,000

Property Address 8366 LONGHORN DR

July 13, 2020 – Barry sells Suzanne’s Range Rover.

Leaves Suzanne's sunglasses in the car.

Aug 20, 2020 – Lauren Scharf Interviews Barry

“People don’t know the truth, so they’re gonna think what they’re gonna think.”

October 05, 2020 – Barry lists Puma Path home for sale.

Originally listed for $1,759,000.

February 17, 2021 – Barry Sells Longhorn Ranch property for $150,000

A $15,000 loss. Same property sold on 04/21/2021 for $175,000, indicating Barry needed the money fast.

March 3, 2021 – 19057 Puma Path sells for $1,625,000.

Barry and Suzanne Morphew purchased the home on April 12, 2018 for $1,575,000.

May 4, 2021 – Warrant Issued for the Arrest of Barry Lee Morphew

CRS/CHARGE: 18-3-102 (1), (a) Murder in the First Degree, a class 1 Felony, 18-8-610. Tampering with Physical Evidence, a class 6 felony, 18-8-306, Attempt to Influence a Public Servant, a class 4 Felony.

May 5, 2021 – 09:15 – Barry Lee Morphew Arrested for the murder of Suzanne Renee Moorman Morphew

"Morphew was arrested around 9:15 a.m. on Wednesday, May 5 near his home in Poncha Springs. FOX31 News has obtained video of the arrest, which shows his truck stopped on the side of the road near several police vehicles. He can be seen standing just off the road with an officer."

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